Since 2013, The Heroes Project has hosted Climb for Heroes on our local training grounds, Mt. Baldy, California. Climb for Heroes is a non-competitive, family friendly day hike accessible to all fitness levels and age groups. Children and friendly dogs are also welcome to participate with their well behaved adults. The hike can be done with friends and family, with co-workers as a team building event, or individuals can come alone and meet other do gooders at a life changing, sweat inducing, veteran supporting, patriotic event. With a minimum donation of just $125 per participant, Climb for Heroes is accessible to everyone. 

Check-in happens early in the morning and we will supply snacks and coffee at "base camp" (your check-in spot). You just need to bring water, your hiking daypack, sunscreen, a credit card or cash for incidentals, and your fun and overly excited philanthropic self. Once you've checked in, you will start your hike right away. Camp 1 will be a mere 30 minutes to an hour from Base Camp. And as you hike up the mountain, you will find another camp at each 30-45 minute interval. At each camp (there are five total including the summit) participants will receive a coin redeemable for a kick ass gift at the end of the day.  Mt. Baldy is 10,064 feet and a little less than 6 miles up a glorious mountain aired trail. Dont worry, we have our injured veterans situated strategically on the mountain to provide you with inspiration and motivation. But, you can hike down at any point, trade your coins for goodies, and hang out with us at base camp enjoying beautiful weather and mingling with really good people.

Remember that you are sweating for a cause, getting great swag, releasing endorphins, and mingling with really good people....but most importantly you are SHOWING up for our injured veterans, raising money and awareness for their mental and physical health, and working side by side with Team THP to keep conquering the steepest of mountains (both literally and metaphorically). 

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Make your calendars for Saturday, November 13th (Veterans Day weekend)
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